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We Are The Thread

The Kansas City Public Schools Education Foundation believes a successful public education system depends on three pillars: motivated students, caring adults, and an engaged community. We are connectors, helping educators address the sometimes-competing interests of these stakeholders while embracing the unique tapestry of cultures, languages, belief systems, and socio-economic backgrounds the district serves. The Foundation funds excellence, because we see a direct correlation between KCPS student success and quality of life in Kansas City.

About the foundation

Our Programs

The Foundation funds a variety of Educational Initiatives and Impact Programs that encourage innovation and support student enrichment. Donations are tax deductible, and contributions stay within the district. Donors can trust that the following programs have been fully vetted via a rigorous evaluation process.

K-2 Initiatives

Strong starts, kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Middle School Initiatives

Extra attention for the “make it or break it” years.

College/Career Readiness

Seamless transition from high school to what’s next.

Professional Development

Skills training for KCPS staff.

Instructional Grants

For teacher innovation across academic disciplines.

Teacher of the Year

Annual honors for the best and brightest at KCPS.


Back-to-school kickoff, free backpacks, immunizations and more for all KCPS students.

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One of the Foundation’s most important goals is to foster big ideas KCPS educators have for driving innovation in the classroom. To that end, any district administrator, teacher, principal, therapist, or counselor can apply for a Foundation Instructional Grant to fund a qualified passion project, as long as the project’s intended purpose aligns with the organization’s defined funding priorities. Teachers, as well as other KCPS staff, can also add their own financial support to KCPS students by donating to the Foundation through payroll deduction.

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Get Involved

While no one can do everything, it is the Foundation’s belief that everyone can do something to help enrich the educational experience of KCPS students. Donors have a variety of options for sharing financial gifts.

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