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KCPS Alumni as Advocates

You remember the cheers. You still wear the colors. As a KCPS graduate, you know firsthand the value of a KCPS education. And if you're a parent, guardian or past KCPS staff, you fully understand the love, quality and professionalism that guide the entire educational experience. Alumni as Advocates invites to use your passion for the district to benefit the next generation.

Your role as an advocate is simple:

  1. Speak Up. Wherever you are, in social and business environments, share your KCPS story, letting everyone know why you're proud to be "KCPS Made." See opportunities below to WEAR YOUR KCPS PRIDE.
  2. Come Home. Whenever possible, show up at your alma mater's homecoming events or other school activity so current students know you care.
  3. Give. You can certainly Donate financially, or start by sharing your time and talents to programs such as Lead to Read, Testing Time and other KCPS mentoring and/or educational enrichment activities.
  4. Wear Your Pride. "KCPS Made" t-shirts let you communicate your connection without saying a word. Choose one of 10 designs, including eight full-color KCPS high school mascots. The shirts are available in sizes ranging from S to XXL.